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Cecilia Burgos has always had a passion for food and community. After graduating high school, Ceci pursued what would be an eight-year-long career in the United States Navy, where she served as a photographer, documenting missions in Iraq, squadron training and activities on base.

Upon completing her military service, Burgos moved on to a career in marketing, running campaigns for airlines, sports teams, and elite athletes.

After almost a decade spent strictly in marketing, Ceci, a creative problem-solver by nature, wanted to expand her scope and branch out into public relations and creative services. A New York University class on community and culture surrounding food convinced Ceci that her new path would be all about food, specifically promoting lesser-known cuisines and food’s unique ability to unite so many different types of people.

In 2018, Ceci launched We Keep Thinking, a full-service creative agency conceived to elevate minority, women, and veteran-owned small businesses. She is extremely passionate about helping marginalized people succeed.

Ceci currently lives with her family on Long Island. When she’s not working, Ceci enjoys spending time reading, traveling and tasting her way through New York City’s many small and lesser-known eateries.